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Our Mission

V. Himark Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan (1987) for the manufacturing of Specialty Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Over the past twenty years,the company has become Asia's leading manufacturer

of double sided tape. In 1997 we established a sales and distribution center, which is located in Arcadia, California. This has enabled us to better serve our partners in North and South America.

V. Himark utilizes a network of converters, distributors and value-added resellers to redistribute our products to end users. This network of well known companies has enabled V. Himark to continue to grow and expand our Cactus ® line of tapes. Our research and development team allows us to fit the needs of each company by continually developing our existing products.

We utilize several manufacturing facilities in Asia, and have become a technological leader in providing specialty adhesive tapes throughout the world. V. Himark is ISO-9001 certified and many of our products carry AAMA and UL certifications. These achievements are the result of many years of rigorous laboratory and field-testing programs under the guidance of a superior technical staff.

Webtec Machine

V. Himark is an exclusive distributor and provider of on-site technical services for Web Tec equipment in North & South America

Do you need extra parts for your Webtec machine?

V. Himark maintains machine spare parts in our inventory for prompt delivery of mission critical parts to keep your business running.

Industry Specific Application