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Special News - March 17, 2014


V. Himark USA, Arcadia, CA

V. Himark (USA) Inc. is very excited to introduce our new logo for our Cactus Tape brand! The word “Cactus” is synonymous with the term endurance. The Cactus plant is known for standing up to the test of time and the elements. Let's also not forget that a Cactus, plain and simply, “sticks”. Our name change to Cactus Tape falls in line with our dedication to manufacture double-coated tape that exemplifies these same qualities. As we move forward our new name will be a constant reminder to continue engineering “Industrial Bonding Solutions” that our customers can depend on. This change is the first of many for 2014 that will help us to better serve our business partner's needs. We look forward to helping your company make 2014 a great year!