Industrial Tapes

We offer a wide range of Pressure Sensitive Industrial Adhesive Tapes excellent for permanent or removable applications. With 23 years of manufacturing experience, we have perfected the science of adhesive technology. Our Cactus adhesive line has expanded tremendously, catering to the diverse and changing demands of the industrial market. Today, Our Cactus Double Coated Tapes are widely distributed in Asia, Latin America, USA and major parts of the world. Our unceasing passion for innovation sets us at par with competition, we invest a great deal of time and resources to constantly improve the quality of our products and develop new products most beneficial and cost-effective to the industrial market.

Industrial Tape Categories

Double-Coated Premium Foam Tapes Double-Coated Premium Foam Tapes
High-density closed-cell foams with high strength acrylic adhesive for excellent bonding results.
  Double-Coated Paper Tape Double-Coated Paper Tape
Excellent initial tack and bonding power to various materials, ideal for temporary and removable applications
Double-Coated Foam Tapes Double-Coated Foam Tapes
Versatile open-and-closed-cell foams with a
choice of rubber or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.
  Unsupported Transfer Tapes Unsupported Transfer Tapes
High-performance adhesive with no carrier provides high-bond strength and extreme temperature for various substrates
Double-Coated Film Tapes Double-Coated Film Tapes
Consist of durable polyester or UPVC film with high-performance adhesive
  Double Coated Plate Mounting Tapes Double Coated Plate Mounting Tapes
Outstanding acrylic adhesive and superior holding power ideal for flexographic printing
Double-Coated Tissue Tapes

Double-Coated Tissue Tapes
Excellent tack and high-shear adhesive with tissue carrier provides aggressive substrate bonding and conformability

  Double-Coated Heat Activated Tapes

Double-Coated Heat Activated Tapes
Extraordinary bonding power for hard-to-bond surfaces such as rubber, EPDM, plasticized PU, and PVC materials